Why see me? How am I different?

There are many excellent Alexander Technique teachers around with several in Plymouth and in the West Country. I am actually available to teach wherever there is sufficient demand and arguably there are many exemplary teachers, especially in London and the South East and in many other areas of the country and for that matter, around the World.

I personally believe I can teach the technique in a way that makes it far easier to understand, far quicker to learn and enjoy the benefits and far quicker to get you to the stage where you are self generating in how you apply the technique for yourself in your life.

When I first started learning the Alexander Technique, I was told that I would need at least 30 1/2 hour sessions at 2 sessions per week just to get to the most basic level of proficiency; equivalent to scales or simple tunes on an instrument. In practice, although I started to feel benefits quite early on, I had to continue a long way past the first 30 sessions to having 2 sessions per week for two and a half years (about 100 hours tuition, counting out holidays) before I then started training as an Alexander Technique teacher. It then took another two and a half years of full time training before the penny finally dropped and I at last understood what the technique was actually about and I could fully apply it to myself without needing continual top-ups from a teacher.

I can get most people to that same level of self sufficiency (which means that you no longer need me) within 10 to 15 1 hour sessions. There are a few people who need a little maintenance from time to time and there are some who want some extra coaching up to virtuoso level, but most people are off my hands after 10 to 15 sessions.

Incidentally, I recommend people start with three or four sessions in quick succession; about two per week, and then we space them out to one per week, one a fortnight and then three weeks etc, to make you more and more reliant on yourself. This way 10 sessions are completed in about 15 weeks and 15 in about 20 weeks.

Because I can make the Alexander Technique so much more easy to learn and understand and because people can learn to put it into effect so much more quickly, I am writing a book. This will help people to learn by themselves or in pairs or to learn far more quickly with a teacher. If you would like to be kept in touch with developments on this, then feel free to stay in contact through my HowToLoosenUp page on Facebook, or you can register for my email newsletter by sending a request to new-book@loosen-up.org
Until this is published, I believe I offer one of the very best opportunities to learn the technique quickly and easily.

I do charge quite a lot more than most teachers, though I believe I still offer excellent value.


If you want to come and see me, once you have booked, I will send you a copy of my pupil’s notes and once you have paid for your first sessions, I will also happily send you a preview of the first chapters of my book.

I recommend you read the notes and read the preliminary chapters. These will significantly speed up your learning, and therefore not only get you the results you want sooner and more reliably, but also save on the amount of your investment. I also recommend you practice the lying down described in the notes, for at least 5 minutes once per day (twice is even better!). Again, this will greatly accelerate your results and reduce your costs. After all, my job is to make you independent of me and make myself redundant as quickly as possible.

What else can I do for you?

The ability to relax, to loosen up, realign and allow your natural poise and coordination to reassert itself, all starts in your mind. Sometimes there are emotional issues getting in the way of relaxing and releasing and having the confidence to trust the wisdom of our bodies. Sometimes there are emotional and psychological techniques that can be used to fine tune and supercharge our minds. As well as teaching the Alexander Technique, I have also been practising counselling, coaching, hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for the last 21 years. In fact I have more training in these techniques than most practitioners in the area.

I teach some general techniques as an integral part of my Alexander teaching. I can also offer specific consultations in these other areas at the same rate as your Alexander lessons. This is a preferential rate as you already pay a reduced rate compared to my counselling, coaching, hypnosis, and NLP clients as you are usually with me for longer. Their work is often quite quick and usually complete within three to five hours.

About David Owen

Prior to my current work, I had a 20 year career in industry, the health service and the BBC including work on outside broadcasts and special electronic video effects – making people (instead of problems) disappear etc – for which I received national credits.

I had my first ever Alexander Technique lesson in 1984 and started regular lessons in the Spring of 1985. In 1987 I went to train as an Alexander Technique teacher for three years.

During the course I noticed that people who had cleared their psychological and emotional issues, often had quite good natural poise without needing the Alexander Technique, and so it re-awakened my fascination in Psychology and what makes us tick. In the course of this I came across NLP and through that I was able to decipher the thinking processes that make the Alexander Technique work at its best.

I have had extensive training in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnosis and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

I have also undergone Ten major trainings in NLP and am now personally trained and licensed as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, by Dr Richard Bandler, the originator of NLP and by Paul McKenna, who has trained alongside Richard for many years. I have since assisted Paul and Richard on many of their trainings.