Treatment and Prevention using the Alexander Technique

Do you suffer from headaches or migraine?

Millions of people do and most of them have never heard of the wonderful results that many people have had through learning the Alexander Technique.

Among the causes of headache and migraine are:

  • Variations in blood supply to the brain,
  • Toxins in the blood and body fluid,
  • Irritation of the sinuses,
  • Trapped or irritated nerves serving the surface of the scalp,
  • Some possible psychological causes,
  • Head injuries, major and minor,
  • Internal disorders, (e.g. growths, damaged blood vessels, excess fluid) Although these can occur without any pain or sensation.

If you suffer from persistent headaches it is important for you to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis of the cause of the pain.


However, one of the most common causes of headache is excess muscle tension,

Common areas of muscle tension, which give rise to headaches, are in the neck, especially the large muscles at the side and back of the neck, which are attached to the skull.

Also at the front and back of the scalp, in and around the eye sockets (due to eye strain)— and in the jaw muscles where they attach to the side of the skull.


Tension and stiffness in the neck also tends to trigger tension in the other muscles around the head.

This muscle tension is usually due to mental and emotional stress and also to poor habitual misalignment and use of our bodies. Even when the pain is due to one of the other causes, muscle tension almost always accompanies the problem and makes it worse.


The Alexander Technique does not deal directly with symptoms and although it tends to bring about a general improvement in health, its affect on most of the causes mentioned is indirect.

However, it has been known to bring about significant improvements where the underlying cause has been muscle tension.


It is also effective with some migraines.

These are sometimes due to changes in blood flow to the brain

and this may sometimes be caused by tight muscles in the side of the neck pressing on the main arteries to the brain. When these muscles relax, the problem often goes away.


The Alexander Technique does not work by trying to tackle specific problems or symptoms.

It works by teaching us how to RELAX and reduce tension, even when we are active or in demanding situations. It also teaches us how to use our bodies more loosely, easily and efficiently. (Efficient means getting more done with less effort)

It also works by re—establishing the natural alignment of our head, neck and body. (Alexander Teachers do not teach “Posture”, but how to get out of the way of our “Natural Poise”.)

It therefore also restores the conditions which are the most likely to prevent problems from occurring.


Headaches and Migraines are very variable and unpredictable. However, a great many people have been very pleasantly surprised to find their headaches going away. They usually also have greater calmness, better overall health and greater ease and freedom of movement, since learning the Alexander Technique.