Treatment and Prevention
using the Alexander Technique

Do you suffer from back pain?

Millions of people do and most of them have never heard of the wonderful results that people have had through learning the Alexander Technique. Very few have heard of the proven results in reducing back pain, shown in research by the NHS and published in the British Medical Journal in August 2008. (See The Guardian at the time and the original BMJ report )

Back pain is usually caused by either;

  • Internal disorders, or
  • Actual problems with our backs.

Internal disorders.

If ~you have Back Pain, see a doctor for a medical diagnosis of the source of the pain.

When we have problems with our digestive system, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, or reproductive organs,— our nervous system sometimes makes us feel as if we have a pain in our back
(it is called “referred pain”. )

The Alexander Technique often helps to improve digestion if the problem has been caused by stress and tension, as it helps us to learn how to stay relaxed, even when we are active.

This decrease in tension tends to bring about an overall improvement in health, though the effect on other internal organs is indirect. In case it is something more serious, get appropriate treatment if a problem is discovered.

Actual Back Problems.

The Alexander Technique can teach us how to RELAX and use our bodies more efficiently. (“Efficient” means getting more done with less effort!)

A lot of back pain, even when it is intense, is due to excess tension in our back muscles. This eventually causes inflammation and this in turn causes increased tension in response to the increased pain. (This is “Spasm”. )

Excess muscle tension puts an undue load on the bones and discs of our spine. Add to that our usual poor posture and movement patterns, plus poor lifting and bending techniques; It is then surprising that we do not have even more back injuries!

Our sitting postures tend to gradually stretch our ligaments, which hold the bones of our spines together and their joints In line.

This loosening of the ligaments also allows too much movement and distortion of our discs- and so allows them to be more easily damaged, eg. when we bend over or lift something.

In virtually all disorders of the muscles, ligaments, discs, joints and bones of the spine, the Alexander Technique can help to alleviate the problems.